Algood, Putnam County, Tennessee


Location : Latitude: 36.1958946, Longitude: -85.4485849


Matches 1 to 13 of 13

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Buck, Mary Jeanette  23 Jan 1906Algood, Putnam County, Tennessee I239
2 Buck, Robbie Mae  3 Nov 1910Algood, Putnam County, Tennessee I6
3 Buck, Rosalee  7 Aug 1908Algood, Putnam County, Tennessee I229
4 Cooper, Roy Lee  26 Feb 1939Algood, Putnam County, Tennessee I1261
5 McCulley, James Harold  21 Mar 1938Algood, Putnam County, Tennessee I1198
6 Phillips, Byrd Winstead  20 May 1883Algood, Putnam County, Tennessee I782
7 Phillips, Charles Lansdon  17 Feb 1877Algood, Putnam County, Tennessee I813
8 Phillips, Gracie Clio  4 Apr 1917Algood, Putnam County, Tennessee I816
9 Wilmoth, Dewey Eston  21 Feb 1910Algood, Putnam County, Tennessee I5
10 Wilmoth, Edna Joyce  21 Apr 1929Algood, Putnam County, Tennessee I8
11 Wilmoth, Jere Baxter  26 Feb 1903Algood, Putnam County, Tennessee I866
12 Wilmoth, Nancy Sulie  8 Sep 1893Algood, Putnam County, Tennessee I812
13 Wilmoth, Verda Marie  13 Oct 1928Algood, Putnam County, Tennessee I13


Matches 1 to 21 of 21

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death    Person ID 
1 Bartlett, Mary Arminta  25 Apr 1936Algood, Putnam County, Tennessee I17
2 Bowers, Martha Jane  14 May 1927Algood, Putnam County, Tennessee I29
3 Buck, Vallie Vacie  8 May 1947Algood, Putnam County, Tennessee I172
4 Fowler, Thomas Wesley  18 Oct 1843Algood, Putnam County, Tennessee I1869
5 Freeman, Morgan L.  29 Dec 1955Algood, Putnam County, Tennessee I822
6 Gass, Mittie Lee  20 Jan 1974Algood, Putnam County, Tennessee I15
7 Gillen, Harvey W.  Algood, Putnam County, Tennessee I780
8 Phillips, Casto  18 Mar 1920Algood, Putnam County, Tennessee I818
9 Phillips, Charles Lansdon  8 Jan 1965Algood, Putnam County, Tennessee I813
10 Phillips, Conley Elliott  16 Apr 2009Algood, Putnam County, Tennessee I786
11 Phy, Dillard Haskel  5 May 1969Algood, Putnam County, Tennessee I789
12 Smith, Grady Dewitt  6 Apr 2016Algood, Putnam County, Tennessee I1972
13 Smith, Ovie Magdaline  23 Sep 1967Algood, Putnam County, Tennessee I12
14 Wilmoth, Arvestie Arvie E.  20 Aug 1960Algood, Putnam County, Tennessee I779
15 Wilmoth, Charlie Bartlett  5 Oct 1974Algood, Putnam County, Tennessee I11
16 Wilmoth, Dewey Eston  18 Jan 1993Algood, Putnam County, Tennessee I5
17 Wilmoth, Jere Baxter  4 Feb 1989Algood, Putnam County, Tennessee I866
18 Wilmoth, Lula Ozina  14 Jul 1976Algood, Putnam County, Tennessee I788
19 Wilmoth, Nancy Sulie  19 Feb 1992Algood, Putnam County, Tennessee I812
20 Wilmoth, Samuel Abraham  12 Oct 1948Algood, Putnam County, Tennessee I16
21 Wilmoth, Venoy  21 Apr 1979Algood, Putnam County, Tennessee I821


Matches 1 to 5 of 5

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Burial    Person ID 
1 Buck, Unknown  Algood, Putnam County, Tennessee I1866
2 Ford, Mary Caroline  Sep 1881Algood, Putnam County, Tennessee I100
3 Jenkins, Gregory Allen  11 Feb 1969Algood, Putnam County, Tennessee I1269
4 McCulley, James Harold  Algood, Putnam County, Tennessee I1198
5 Wilmoth, Venoy  Algood, Putnam County, Tennessee I821