Welcome to the Wilmoth Family site that documents the ancestors and descendants of my paternal (Wilmoth/Smith) and maternal (Buck/Gass) grandparents. Much of the genealogy and family history is based on the work of Jim Wilmoth (Wilmoth line), Jack Masters (Smith line), and the McCulley sisters, Juanita, Shirlianne, and Linda (Buck and Gass lines). John Buck has also done extensive research on the Buck family's migration from Pennsylvania to Tennessee. My goal is to build on their work by providing additional names, dates, etc. as well as providing a variety of media to show who we are, where we came from, what we did, and the environments in which we lived. My hope is that current and future generations will see this information as more than just a dull collection of facts, figures, and dates and will ask lots of questions while there are still people around who may be able to answer them.

(Added quick links to Davis/Moore and Jones/Gaunt lines, ancestors of my wife.)

(Search Audrey Lambert's site for surnames as well as a wealth of information on Putnam County and surroundings)


feature 1 The Plot Thickens!
     History of the gravesite occupants in the Buck Plot at the Algood Cemetery

feature 2 The Wilmoth Quartet

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